Latest Communication from Umbrella

Here is the latest update from the Umbrella – CaVIDAS partnership group which is made up of key substance misuse service providers, service users, carers and recovery champion representatives who are committed to working in partnership with the aim of developing the ‘Single Point of Engagement’ [SPOE] in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

Umbrella Communication Briefing November 2011 (PDF download)

Team Building day

Team building day, expertly led by Eileen Murphy once more, focussed around the PQASSO quality standard, so we all got a chance to get together for once fo a bit of a chinwag – happens far too rarely and we should perhaps pencil in more team days like this.

We looked primarily at the way we communicate (internally and externally), and how we work with others. Carl Morris of Native HQ also came over in the afternoon session for a timely introduction to our web presence, which is a work in progress at the moment, though people are free to contribute throught this working document.

Official opening of 94 Neville Street, 20th February 2009

Some pictures of the official opening of our new premises at 94 Neville Street. The builing was officially opened by Kevin Brennan, MP for Cardiff West. The Roger Duncan Resource Room was dedicated by Carole Dally, a long-time colleage and friend of Roger’s, and now a trustee of Inroads. Roger’s daughter Alice, and ex-wife Sally were in attendance.

Site meter added

As requested, we’ve made a few changes to the blog. A sitemeter has been added and the title has been modified as we get further away from the 10 year celebrations – any other suggestions, just send them in. It’s great to see that this is continuing to have a life of its own. Any other relevant sites for the links section? Personally, I find the blog as a good kick off point if I need to have a look at any recent news in the field. Also thinking about an RSS feed – do people use RSS readers?